Message from Managing Director

First of all, we would like to extend our warm and heartiest greetings to all our business parties (clients) abroad as well as in Nepal. As we are in the service-based business industry, it is vital that we must emphasize on producing high quality service to secure the optimum satisfaction of our business parties (clients) as well as to our candidates seeking the job opportunity abroad. On the other hand, we have been serving as a bridge to provide passage between the employer and the employee vs. the employee and the employer. We also assure that we have been playing a vital and significant role to ensure easy access between the employer and employee to achieve their goal. Although to explain oneself is the hardest task to everyone and to compliment itself is extremely difficult, we are compelled to express our opinion that nobody gets entrapped in any trouble because of our behavior, is our motto. Finally, we offer all of our parties and clients to provide us an opportunity to establish a smooth business relationship, which will mutually help us to reach the destination together.

J.P. sharma 
Managing Director
Al-Samit Manpower Pvt.Ltd.

Message from Executive Director

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to pour my bundle of greetings toward those employers, who are seeking employees from Nepal as well as those candidates, who are seeking a job abroad. As Nepalese people are honest, hardworking and brave, they started acquiring jobs abroad since the Second World War. The world history is still the witness to say that Nepalese people had exhibited an exemplary job by exposing their bravery in many sectors during the Second World War. As I have been so long in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and U.A.E. for my visit purpose, I could be able to get wide knowledge about the settlement of job in those countries for foreigners, which encouraged me to involve in manpower recruiting sector. Since the fundamental resource of manpower of these countries is foreign employment and on the other hand, backbone of economy of Nepalese people is foreign remittance, my attempt in this sector is purely based to fulfill both way requirement of employment as well as to establish good relationship between two countries. In conclusion, I must thank all of our parties abroad who are in touch with us. I also can not refrain myself from giving thanks to Radiant Info tech Nepal (P) Ltd. who have done a recommendable and excellent job of making this site to provide the route to employer Company abroad to reach to us.

Hari Bdr. Regmi 
Executive Director
Al-Samit Manpower Pvt.Ltd.

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